Participants will leave the  FRBR Entities from RDA Element Set (RDA Toolkit/Tools). Showing RDA Core with Instruction Number and LC Core Elements. WORK. Date of work (6.4). Jun 4, 2013 Element.

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The entities themselves are sorted into 3 groups. The source element, however, is the MEI equivalent to FRBR “manifestation” level description. The name “source” is used because it is both shorter and more familiar than “manifestation” to users of existing bibliographic markup schemes. The work element has an optional child element to hold the expression elements: ISBD Area ISBD Element FRBR Entity FRBR Attribute/Relationship Type and extent of resource (ER)19 3.1 Designation of resource 3.2.1 Work 4.2.2 Form of work 3.2 Extent of resource 3.2.2 Expression 4.3.8 Extent of the expression Printed music specific area (PM) 3.1 Printed music specific statement 3.2.2 Expression 4.3.16 Type of score 3. FRBR comprises groups of entities: Group 1 entities are work, expression, manifestation, and item (WEMI). They represent the products of intellectual or artistic endeavor.

Now cataloguing codes can be, and in fact are, based upon a model that accounts for the entities, relationships and attributes The FRBR model is composed of four layers (work, expression, manifestation, and item) in order to represent the different aspects of user interests in the products of intellectual or artistic endeavour (Plassard, 1999, p. 12). Firstly, we apply the FRBR as a framework to illustrate the relationship between various objects for different layers.

The user task select is where the library client will choose the most appropriate item by considering resource attributes such as format (Hinder, 2012). Syntactic elements (structure) are strictly distinct from the meaning of elements by specifying for each element a FRBR has the notion of a work, expressions of that work, manifestations of those expressions, and items. Similarly, The FRBR elements are used to group MARCXML elements that describe specific asp ect of publication found in a MARC record. F or exa mple, title of a publication is mainly found in 245, 240 fields.

Frbr elements

Se hela listan på oclc.org FRBR and RDA RDA Training for Kentucky Public Libraries. FRBR Entities—. Group 1 Entities (What it is) Works, Expressions, Manifestations, and Items Group 2 Entities (Who did it) Persons, Corporate Bodies, Families Group 3 Entities (What it’s about) Concept, Place, Event, Object, plus all Group 1 & 2 Entities.

FRBR Label : Label of the FRBR element . FRBR Definition : Definition of the FRBR element . FRBR URI : URI local part of the FRBR element . FRBR Domain : Domain of the FRBR element RDA Reference element sets include: an element set of classes representing the RDA entities: Agent, Collective Agent, Expression, Item, Manifestation, Person, and Work, taken from the IFLA Library Reference Model (LRM).
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Showing RDA Core with Instruction Number and LC Core Elements.

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Date of work (6.4). Jun 4, 2013 Element. RDA no.

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FRBR URI : URI local part of the FRBR element . FRBR Domain : Domain of the FRBR element of FRBR. Most members of the profession can list the primary bibliographic entities: work, expression, manifes - tation, item (hereafter known as WEMI), and many can describe the three groups of entities that make up FRBR.